How To Use Pretty Link

Pretty Link

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Pretty Link makes “pretty links”, that is, attractive links using YOUR domain that can link to EXTERNAL places on the internet. The links you make can be short like tiny urls and descriptive. Because they use YOUR domain name, they help build YOUR name… that is, they help brand YOU.

The paid version of pretty link also offers “CLOAKING”. This means that the URL on top in the address bar still shows the pretty link even after it takes you to the other domain it points to (see the picture on the right). In this video, I only demonstrate the free version. You will notice that the URL changes in the address bar in the free version to the actual URL that is pointed to by the prettty link.

To get your copy, download PRETTY LINK and “upload” it from the plugins portion of your dashboard. Then, activate it and your ready to go.

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One Response to How To Use Pretty Link

  1. After speaking to you last week about my html pages and that i was using tiny url to shorten my links, you did mention pretty links and i have to say what a great idea this is, also to add to that, another great video full of information which is just the norm for you :)