Evaluating the SEO Competition

This bonus video is about analyzing and evaluating the “Top Ten” in your market. I want you to know your competition so you can figure out what you need to do to take them out. I will be using the Market Samurai program to help me do this.

You can watch the free wordpress tutorial video right on YouTube by clicking HERE.

Recommended Resources: Market Samurai

In the video we looked at:

  • DA – Domain Age
  • PR – Page Rank
  • IC – Index Count
  • BLP – The number of backlinks to the page
  • BLD – The number of backlinks to the domain
  • BLEG – How many backlinks are from .edu’s or .gov’s
  • DMZ – Is it listed in the DMOZ directory? (DMOZ.org)
  • YAH – Is it listed in the Yahoo Directory (costs $300/yr.)
  • Title – Is the key word (phrase) in the page title?
  • URL – Is the key word (phrase) in the URL?
  • Desc – Is the key word (phrase) in the description meta tags?
  • Head – Is the key word (phrase) in a header tag?
  • CA – How many days since Google cached the page?
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Google Alerts for Backlinks

Google alerts has many uses. I’ve used it to monitor the web concerning my name and company. I’ve also used it to keep an eye on the competition. My Google Alerts subscriptions can keep me well informed and help me maintain my market leadership position in the niche’s in which I am engaged. I can do all of these things and be engaged in the web 2.0 world in which we live in with the help of Google Alerts. In this video, you will see how I use Google Alerts to do these things AND at the same time create more backlinks to my website. Doing this increases the respect that Google has for my website and also creates direct traffic when people click the links that I create using this technique.

To see the video directly on YouTube, Click Here.

As always, don’t forget to add to the conversation.

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WordPress Plugins

I recently read a document by Dan Raine outlining the plugins he uses and the reasons which might change the way I do things a little bit. They include:

pubsubhubbub - to increase indexing speed.

SEO Ultimate – might be quite the update to the seo pack I currently use and even replaces pretty link as well as adds some awesome keyword auto-interlinking features.

WP No Category Base

Google XML Sitemaps with Multisite Support

W3 Total Cache

WordPress Silo Plugin

RSS Bomber - I suspect this is the “affiliate” link he was going after in his pdf. When copying the pdf link, it gave me the actual text instead of the url it was pointed to… so if you click this link in my post and buy the plugin, nobody gets the affiliate commission. He probably should have done it in HTML so I could have copied the actual link from him!

Akismet - to get a free API key, click here.

Ultimate Google Analytics


ThemeFuse Maintenance Mode


Facebook Comments for WordPress

Topsy Retweet Button

For Dan Raines write-up on these important plugins, click here.

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The Anatomy of a Web Page

In this lesson, we discuss the Anatomy of a Web Page. That is, we will cover the basics when it comes to writing a web page. We discuss the title, description, keywords and keyword research, and the content including headers and sub-headers.

Choosing the right keywords and writing content properly is a major key to getting good rankings and internet traffic. Content is written first for the reader… but also for the search engine aka robot aka spider.

To see this video on YouTube, Click Here.

And, to get the Recommended Resources used on this WordPress video tutorial: Click Here

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Email Marketing

This is one of the most important of the free wordpress tutorials. It is about email marketing. Chances are an email brought you to this web page. I used to do it the old way. I would collect email addresses on clip boards and raffle slips and use my regular email account to stay in touch with clients and prospects. I even grew a sizeable database. But one day a friend of mine in the nutrition business called me with a problem. A loser Chiropractor in Georgia was suing him for sending an email that he didn’t subscribe to. It cost my friend a few thousand dollars to clear up. So I realized that it was time to start using Aweber with their double opt-in email system and their proper unsubscribe links. I offered my database of over 1200 email addresses the option to opt in. But only about 75 of them did – so I was starting from scratch. I wished I had done it right from the beginning

But a neat thing happened when I switched to Aweber; I used their subscribe forms on my websites and started to build a database of subscribers on auto-pilot. I offered something for free – like a downloadable report or a coupon for their first chiropractic visit, and people subscribed for the free gift… which usually ended up bringing me business anyway. In fact, if you found this page from an email, you probably subscribed to my free online tutorials. And by now, I probably recommended a resource or two that you found to be a good value. You may have already purchased or are considering purchasing something I recommended. That is how good business works: you provide the solution to a need they have. But you might start by providing something for free to gain their trust and prove the value of your products. The free product is like the taste test or test drive. Some things you don’t just buy until you tried the specific product or at least something else from the seller.

Just like GoDaddy, you will also find great customer support at Aweber. I’ll give you a quick demonstration in this video of one way I use it. If you are pretty good with computers, you can pretty much figure everything out. But if you need help, they are easy to get on the phone to help you with your project.

To see the video right on YouTube, Click Here.

Oh, one more thing… did I mention that Aweber has a WordPress plug-in to make adding a webform to your wordpress website real easy? Go ahead… check it out.

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WordPresses Pages and SubPages

This lesson is about WordPress pages and subpages. But let’s first consider the difference between posts and pages. Posts are often relative to the current time such as what is happening in the news and are often full of opinions. Pages are usually used for always relative “timeless” content – things like location and contact information. Pages are usually easily accessible from a main menu on the website. Sub-pages are pages that are related to a higher page in a heirarchy of some sort. Subpages are usually accessible from a submenu that appears when you hoover over a main menu item. You can also have subpages to subpages and sub-submenus.

In this lesson, we will make a main page for products to sell. The sub-page items we add will be for the individual products that can be purchased from the website being created in this free wordpress tutorial. Pay special attention to how the first subpage is similar to the top page of this category. You may choose to mimic such a design in your wordpress blog.

Click here to see this video right on YouTube.

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Free WordPress Tutorials

See the video on Youtube

The purpose of this site is to provide a FREE efficient and effective means to improving your online presence. To create your own wordpress blog or “blogsite”, sign up for our Free WordPress Tutorials using the “sign up” link above. Our online training is second to none. We will show you how to use wordpress 3.1 and deliver 1 short free video lesson to your email box every weekday. It should take you on average 10 to 20 minutes per day 5 days per week for about 1 month to have an excellent website.

Did you want to work at your own pace? Use the online lesson list or download the spreadsheet to chart your progress.

WordPress websites are perfect for beginners as well as professional web designers. The easy Dashboard interface makes creating your blog a snap and takes care of most of the “optimizing” of your page and site so that the search engines can find you. You’ll also learn how to change the template or even create custom wordpress themes so you can make your site look and feel like it was designed by a professional web designer.

The course does not stop with WordPress. It also integrates with Social Media and Email Marketing / list building to give you a complete internet marketing package.

Go ahead and sign up for our wordpress video tutorials now. The course if absolutely free to you. The links to the right are the “resources” that I use such as hosting and tools to help better improve my site. I chose these tools because they seem to be the best “bang for your buck”. They are “affiliate” links. Should you choose to purchase something following one of the links on the right, they will pay a commission to me. This does not increase your purchase price, however, it may lower your purchase price.

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Tracking Your Rank

In this WordPress tutorial, I add a post, but more importantly, I discuss the inspiration behind the post, and that is ranking. You see, when I write a page, I am primarily concerned with the content provided to the reader. But I am also concerned with the content provided to the search engine robots aka “spiders”. What the search engine spiders see will affect my search engine results. In this video, I add a post about massage therapy and my target audience is in Pompano Beach, Florida. Therefore, I want to make sure my content is written about massage therapy in Pompano Beach. I then want to track my position in the search engine results pages to make sure my page ranks well. If I don’t get #1 rankings for my keyword phrase, I will tweak the article and promote it till I am there. But the only way to know if it is there is to track my rank.

In this video, I will show you how to track your search engine position for many words and keyword phrases for every page on your website or even multiple websites and outside url’s with a single click. But I have to warn you, tracking your rank can be quite addicting. This is that part of the program where we really start to transition from simply building a website to out-ranking the competition. Click Here to track your rankings.

To see this video on YouTube, Click Here. And don’t forget to get your copy of Market Samurai to track your rankings.

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Adding Another WordPress Post

This free wordpress video tutorial is similar to what you have already done. But, you will need to continue to do this many many times until you run out of material relevant to your website. When you run out of material to write about, you must go find more material! The point is, whoever creates the most interesting, relevant original content generally wins. Have you ever heard the internet marketing phrase “Content is King”? Google likes to rank the “Market Leader” in the number one position. Google knows that market leaders create content. That makes content the king. So, if you want to be the King, you must create content (or, pay someone to create content for you… outsourcing is a wonderful thing). So, get to it. In this case, I add a chiropractic service. I do a list of services in my office. That gives me a wonderful list of posts I can start writing.

You can also watch this video right on YouTube.

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Changing Terms of Use

In this free online wordpress tutorial, we show you how to change your “terms of use” as it pertains to your wordpress theme. Your theme may or may not work the same as mine. This video assumes you have created your template using the Artisteer program that you can get by clicking HERE.

To see the video on YouTube, click HERE.

Of course, now that you know how to modify your terms of use, you can also change the way the “contact us”, the “trademarks” and the “privacy statement” links work. Just rinse and repeat for each of them.

Don’t forget to comment… and tell your friends about how this course is helping you save money and build an awesome website.

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