Google Alerts for Backlinks

Google alerts has many uses. I’ve used it to monitor the web concerning my name and company. I’ve also used it to keep an eye on the competition. My Google Alerts subscriptions can keep me well informed and help me maintain my market leadership position in the niche’s in which I am engaged. I can do all of these things and be engaged in the web 2.0 world in which we live in with the help of Google Alerts. In this video, you will see how I use Google Alerts to do these things AND at the same time create more backlinks to my website. Doing this increases the respect that Google has for my website and also creates direct traffic when people click the links that I create using this technique.

To see the video directly on YouTube, Click Here.

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3 Responses to Google Alerts for Backlinks

  1. Even though you didn’t intentionally set out to feature my blog,, I wanted you to know that I do appreciate it and have approved the comments you left to further your backlink reach.

    Also, I concur with you — Google Alerts is a powerful tool that serious Internet marketers and/or online entrepreneurs should be using. As mentioned, it not only allows quick management of keywords relevant to one’s business or niche but also allows quick management of one’s brand, conversations, et cetera … that are being discussed across the web.

    I wish you GREAT success with!

    Your site is so awesome. I love the Google Alerts video. Your SEO web information is really helpful.
    I have been subscribed since day 1~ Jackie :) Thanks.

  3. What a great tool google alerts is! i was manually looking for sites that i could leave a backlink comment on. Now after watching this video i can let google do some if not most of the work for me, this must be the greatest free course on the web people are asking for silly money for what you are revealing here for free, thank you.