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The purpose of this site is to provide a FREE efficient and effective means to improving your online presence. To create your own wordpress blog or “blogsite”, sign up for our Free WordPress Tutorials using the “sign up” link above. Our online training is second to none. We will show you how to use wordpress 3.1 and deliver 1 short free video lesson to your email box every weekday. It should take you on average 10 to 20 minutes per day 5 days per week for about 1 month to have an excellent website.

Did you want to work at your own pace? Use the online lesson list or download the spreadsheet to chart your progress.

WordPress websites are perfect for beginners as well as professional web designers. The easy Dashboard interface makes creating your blog a snap and takes care of most of the “optimizing” of your page and site so that the search engines can find you. You’ll also learn how to change the template or even create custom wordpress themes so you can make your site look and feel like it was designed by a professional web designer.

The course does not stop with WordPress. It also integrates with Social Media and Email Marketing / list building to give you a complete internet marketing package.

Go ahead and sign up for our wordpress video tutorials now. The course if absolutely free to you. The links to the right are the “resources” that I use such as hosting and tools to help better improve my site. I chose these tools because they seem to be the best “bang for your buck”. They are “affiliate” links. Should you choose to purchase something following one of the links on the right, they will pay a commission to me. This does not increase your purchase price, however, it may lower your purchase price.

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  1. Mal Tindle says:

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    This is a very good article packed with information and links to help anyone get set up and develop a WordPress site.

    One of the hardest things for newbie’s to organise is a website and hosting services unless they get help and this article will help them a lot, thanks for sharing,

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