Chasing the Competition’s Backlinks

Today we dig deeper into the SEO competition module of Market Samurai to dig up potential backlins. When other sites link to yours, it is an indication to the search engines that your site is one of authority. But everyone knows that initially backlinks don’t come automatically unless you really have something phenomenal that everyone wants to blog about. So it is usually up to the site promoter to be engaged in the process of building backlinks… by being active in the relative market place. This might mean blogging, submitting site information to directories, writing articles and press releases, guest blogging, commenting on other relative blogs, participating in forums, submitting RSS feeds, tweeting, posting to facebook, exchanging links with friends and business associates and the like… and the list goes on. Sometimes it is difficult to find quality sources to get links from. This video discusses finding potential backlinks by looking at the competitions backlinks. Often times you can get links from the same sources they did. But as you’ll learn in this video lesson, you can choose to spend your time chasing the quality backlinks by looking at their pagerank.

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2 Responses to Chasing the Competition’s Backlinks

  1. This Market Samurai is quite sneaky but what happens when you go out and manually find the links? can you protect them from market samurai so that others can`t just copy all your hard work?

  2. admin says:

    You can find links however you want… but someone can still use Market Samurai to reverse engineer your link building… regardless of how you do it! It is a race, and you just have to run faster than the competition.