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The purpose of this site is to provide a FREE efficient and effective means to improving your online presence. To create your own wordpress blog or “blogsite”, sign up for our Free WordPress Tutorials using the “sign up” link above. Our online training is second to none. We will show you how to use wordpress 3.1 and deliver 1 short free video lesson to your email box every weekday. It should take you on average 10 to 20 minutes per day 5 days per week for about 1 month to have an excellent website.

Did you want to work at your own pace? Use the online lesson list or download the spreadsheet to chart your progress.

WordPress websites are perfect for beginners as well as professional web designers. The easy Dashboard interface makes creating your blog a snap and takes care of most of the “optimizing” of your page and site so that the search engines can find you. You’ll also learn how to change the template or even create custom wordpress themes so you can make your site look and feel like it was designed by a professional web designer.

The course does not stop with WordPress. It also integrates with Social Media and Email Marketing / list building to give you a complete internet marketing package.

Go ahead and sign up for our wordpress video tutorials now. The course if absolutely free to you. The links to the right are the “resources” that I use such as hosting and tools to help better improve my site. I chose these tools because they seem to be the best “bang for your buck”. They are “affiliate” links. Should you choose to purchase something following one of the links on the right, they will pay a commission to me. This does not increase your purchase price, however, it may lower your purchase price.

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WordPress Course Outline

Complete The 2011 Course At Your Own Pace

I finally put together a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and/or Word doc that links the lessons in their proper order. You no longer have to subscribe to the emails and wait for the next lesson. You can now work at your own pace.

I recommend the spreadsheet because it has check boxes so you can track your progress through this 31 day / lesson plan.

You can download them here:

2011 WordPress Lesson List (Excel)
2011 WordPress Lesson List (Word)

If you don’t have Excel or Word on your computer, there are many applications that read .xls and .doc files. I sometimes use ““” for both.

Feel free to email the spreadsheet or doc to your friends. If you want, you can even upload them and make them available from your own website. I hereby grant unlimited permissions! (Is that anyway to run a business?).

Be Blessed.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Michael Haley

Bonus: Here are the links if you just want to Bookmark this page:

Lesson Plan Complete one lesson each day, or at your own speed!! Helpful Resources
Lesson 1 – Domain Names and Hosting Resource
Lesson 2 – Connecting Hosting with your Domain Name
Lesson 3 – Installing WordPress
Lesson 4 – Writing Your First Post
Lesson 5 – Blog Comments
Lesson 6 – Preventing Comment Spam
Lesson 7 – WordPress Categories
Lesson 8 – Adding a WordPress Page
Lesson 9 – All In One SEO Pack
Lesson 10 – Adding a Post and Image Properties
Lesson 11 – Choosing a Theme
Lesson 12 – Making Custom Themes
Lesson 13 – Sidebars and Widgets
Lesson 14 – The Mobile Pack Plugin
Lesson 15 – Contact Form 7
Lesson 16 – Google Analytics
Lesson 17 – Evaluating Google Analytics Data
Lesson 18 – Terms of Use
Lesson 19 – Adding Content
Lesson 20 – Rank Tracker Resource
Lesson 21 – Pages and Sub-Pages
Lesson 22 – Email Marketing Resource
Lesson 23 – Anatomy of a Webpage Resource
Lesson 24 – Google Alerts Resource
Lesson 25 – The Anatomy of a Hyperlink
Lesson 26 – Evaluating the Competition Resource
Lesson 27 – Chasing the Competition Resource
Lesson 28 – Inserting YouTube Videos
Lesson 29 – Promoting Your Content
Lesson 30 – Local Listings
Lesson 31 – Pretty Link
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What Is The Sandbox?

Have you ever used Google and noticed that something was different than it usually is. sometimes it is for a period of time, and then it goes away after a day or two or three. When that happens, there is a chance that you were in the Google Sandbox.

So what is the sandbox? Think of it not so much as a place for Google to play… but rather test. That is, they often “test” changes in their search engine results, their display, what they may display (or not display) and the likes of such. That is, they test it among a group of users, but not against the whole population. They then measure how users interact with the changes. They might measure how long it takes the user to make a decision. They might also measure how long a user interacts with the decision. And they measure various other metrics.

The information provided by these metrics are useful to them. They use the data to accept, reject, or refine changes to the way they deliver content to the user.

But to the internet marketer, recognizing the subtle changes from the sandbox is an opportunity to foresee the potential future of internet marketing and improve the way content is being created and delivered.

I consider the images below as a possible sandbox experiment.

This is the image that has been delivered to the masses for quite some time.


A possible Google Sandbox result

Probably Google Sandbox Result

And since images can’t be tested… I have copied the potential “Sandbox” content with links intact:


Agape Chiropractic Pompano Beach (954) 545-9750
Agape Chiropractic, Dr. Michael Haley, Chiropractor serving Pompano Beach and Fort Lauderdale. (954) 545-9750. See our Video! Quality care at affordable
Meet The ChiropractorNanOmega 3Office HoursAbout Us
500 S Cypress Road, Pompano Beach  - (954) 969-8800

“Dr. Mike Haley has amazing hands, and so far has not only helped my “ - (3) (2) - (1)


In one image, we see the usual September 2011 results one would see if they search for a chiropractor in Pompano Beach. There is a Google places listing with Google reviews. But in the other image, we see Google reviews and reviews from non-Google review sites! There is also plenty of other content to consider in this combined places / organic combination of a result from the likely sandbox.

This is particularly interesting because recently non-Google reviews disappeared from the Google places pages. All of the sudden reviews from places like yelp, citysearch, and jusysbook became less important.

But if the next image is indeed from the sandbox, then it indicates that Google is probably working on getting non-Google reviews back in the mix. Therefore, Google probably does value non-Google reviews. So encouraging customers that like your product and service to review on the network of review sites is probably a beneficial thing.

So if you notice a change on Google, consider the potential for benefit such insight can give you when it comes to marketing your business or the businesses of your SEO clients.

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Google +1

Google +1 is out! I don’t know how it will affect your search engine rankings… but it makes sense that if it is used naturally, it will help (I said naturally… don’t click your own plus one buttons… you never know, Google might be watching you right now).  The Google Plus One should help your site be seen within the social circles of those that click on it.

In this video, we install the “Google Plus One Button” by Michael Fields.

To see this video on YouTube, please Click Here.

Oh, about my button… Go ahead… I DARE YOU!

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How To Use Pretty Link

Pretty Link

Click to Get Pretty Link

Pretty Link makes “pretty links”, that is, attractive links using YOUR domain that can link to EXTERNAL places on the internet. The links you make can be short like tiny urls and descriptive. Because they use YOUR domain name, they help build YOUR name… that is, they help brand YOU.

The paid version of pretty link also offers “CLOAKING”. This means that the URL on top in the address bar still shows the pretty link even after it takes you to the other domain it points to (see the picture on the right). In this video, I only demonstrate the free version. You will notice that the URL changes in the address bar in the free version to the actual URL that is pointed to by the prettty link.

To get your copy, download PRETTY LINK and “upload” it from the plugins portion of your dashboard. Then, activate it and your ready to go.

Don’t forget to leave comments. Tell me what you like / dislike about this lesson so I can make it better for the next person.

To see this video on YouTube, Click Here.

Did this video spark interest in Beyond Organic? Go ahead, sign up, and I’ll be sure to get you plugged in.

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Local Listings

Today’s lesson covers something that can do more for your business than everything you have done so far – local search engine listings. If you have a business that caters to the local community and don’t have this done, you are probably missing the majority of the business available.

In this lesson, we discuss:
You might be wondering: “Why did you wait so long to share this with us?” The fact is, it is better to have these local listings connected to a well optimized site. And after these past 4 or 5 weeks that you have been working on your site by following my lessons, your site should be a well oiled machine.
Many local businesses have completed this lesson and had new customers as a result within a few days of completing it. Even if you don’t have a local business, there is a good chance the search engines will respect you more if you do this. So get to it! :)
If you are the kind of person that skimps on your lessons, there is no room for that here. REALLY!
Yours Truly,
Dr. Michael Haley
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How To Use Traffic Player

I recently started using Traffic Player – the video plugin for embedding youtube videos. Did you notice how the video started playing all by itself? That is just one of the many options. Get your free copy (the same version I used on this page) by clicking HERE.

Update 1/24/2012 – I removed the traffic player plugin from this wordpress install – it worked fine, but I decided to simplify my wordpress program… but you can still see the video here:

In the past, I did video the hard way – working in the raw HTML.  I didn’t have the flexibility I needed like autoplay, hiding controls, a sleek skin, and the like. But then I got Traffic Player.

Get Yours:

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Traffic Player YouTube Plugin

I have been playing around with the YouTube Video Plugin from Traffic Player. Get it here.

The video below is a “test”. That is, it is the first time I used the plugin.

UPDATE 1/24/2012 I deleted the plugin from this website to simplify things… though it worked fine. But the video I embedded is still here using the basic wordpress method of just pasting the youtube long url into the html.

If you get the plugin, the one thing that I got hung up on was not having the “TP” video button on my wordpress post toolbar. You have to go to settings and subscribe to the authors email to truly activate the plugin. I thought it was odd, because I already subscribed in order to get the plugin. I have no problem subscribing again. It is really just good marketing by the author. Besides, I can un-subscribe any time. But I’ll show you how to do it HERE.

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Promoting Your WordPress Blog Post

By far the most important tool I use is Aweber. In fact, it is probably the reason you are reading this right now. I use it to build my list and to stay in contact with those that sign up. I make sure I give content away that is way more valuable than any amount they might spend on my website. I can do this because once the content is created, it really doesn’t cost me much to distribute.

I also use a couple other tools to promote my content including Twitter and Facebook.

Today’s lesson is about promoting content that you create. A few simple keystrokes will introduce your work to others. Don’t get me wrong… social media is not only for self promoting. If you use it only for this, you will discredit your name to the point where no one follows your content anymore. You want to use social media to interact in your niche and friendship circle. But introducing your excellent content that was created for their benefit is an important part of that interaction.

Get Aweber.

Watch the video on YouTube.

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Inserting a YouTube video into a WordPress Blog Post

*Important Tip*
If you are making a new YouTube account, it is probably best to make your user name the same as your domain name (“seowebmeeting” for or something with your keywords in it.

In this free wordpress tutorial, I demonstrate adding a video to your wordpress blog. That is, I cover the entire process from start to finish including:

  • Creating a Video
  • Uploading a Video to YouTube
  • Embedding the Video on your WordPress Blog

I did a very low budget production to make it obvious that anyone can do this. I will even use the video created on my personal blog and promote it in the usual fashion… but I’m gonna save that for a future lesson!

So your job now is to create, upload, and insert a video on your blog giving it some life. Then, watch out for that future lesson that shows the basic steps to get some traffic to your new video page.

To visit my blog page where my new video is displayed, you know… the other video that the kid recoreded, go to

As always, let me know what you think in the comments below.

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Chasing the Competition’s Backlinks

Today we dig deeper into the SEO competition module of Market Samurai to dig up potential backlins. When other sites link to yours, it is an indication to the search engines that your site is one of authority. But everyone knows that initially backlinks don’t come automatically unless you really have something phenomenal that everyone wants to blog about. So it is usually up to the site promoter to be engaged in the process of building backlinks… by being active in the relative market place. This might mean blogging, submitting site information to directories, writing articles and press releases, guest blogging, commenting on other relative blogs, participating in forums, submitting RSS feeds, tweeting, posting to facebook, exchanging links with friends and business associates and the like… and the list goes on. Sometimes it is difficult to find quality sources to get links from. This video discusses finding potential backlinks by looking at the competitions backlinks. Often times you can get links from the same sources they did. But as you’ll learn in this video lesson, you can choose to spend your time chasing the quality backlinks by looking at their pagerank.

Watch the video directly on YouTube.

Recommended Resources: Market Samurai

Please add your questions and comments below. And if you are finding these free online wordpress tutorials to be helpful, please share them with a friend.

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