WordPress Course Outline

Complete The 2011 Course At Your Own Pace

I finally put together a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and/or Word doc that links the lessons in their proper order. You no longer have to subscribe to the emails and wait for the next lesson. You can now work at your own pace.

I recommend the spreadsheet because it has check boxes so you can track your progress through this 31 day / lesson plan.

You can download them here:

2011 WordPress Lesson List (Excel)
2011 WordPress Lesson List (Word)

If you don’t have Excel or Word on your computer, there are many applications that read .xls and .doc files. I sometimes use ““OpenOffice.org” for both.

Feel free to email the spreadsheet or doc to your friends. If you want, you can even upload them and make them available from your own website. I hereby grant unlimited permissions! (Is that anyway to run a business?).

Be Blessed.

Yours Truly,

Dr. Michael Haley

Bonus: Here are the links if you just want to Bookmark this page:

Lesson Plan Complete one lesson each day, or at your own speed!! Helpful Resources
Lesson 1 – Domain Names and Hosting Resource
Lesson 2 – Connecting Hosting with your Domain Name
Lesson 3 – Installing WordPress
Lesson 4 – Writing Your First Post
Lesson 5 – Blog Comments
Lesson 6 – Preventing Comment Spam
Lesson 7 – WordPress Categories
Lesson 8 – Adding a WordPress Page
Lesson 9 – All In One SEO Pack
Lesson 10 – Adding a Post and Image Properties
Lesson 11 – Choosing a Theme
Lesson 12 – Making Custom Themes
Lesson 13 – Sidebars and Widgets
Lesson 14 – The Mobile Pack Plugin
Lesson 15 – Contact Form 7
Lesson 16 – Google Analytics
Lesson 17 – Evaluating Google Analytics Data
Lesson 18 – Terms of Use
Lesson 19 – Adding Content
Lesson 20 – Rank Tracker Resource
Lesson 21 – Pages and Sub-Pages
Lesson 22 – Email Marketing Resource
Lesson 23 – Anatomy of a Webpage Resource
Lesson 24 – Google Alerts Resource
Lesson 25 – The Anatomy of a Hyperlink
Lesson 26 – Evaluating the Competition Resource
Lesson 27 – Chasing the Competition Resource
Lesson 28 – Inserting YouTube Videos
Lesson 29 – Promoting Your Content
Lesson 30 – Local Listings
Lesson 31 – Pretty Link
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